Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Just Wondering

It happens to all owners of cars. You go to a dealership garage to get service on your car. A couple of days later, invariably you will get a call asking about your service experience. I've had that experience many times over the years as I traveled the country. It has also happened with the Highlander I now own. Those phone calls may have been annoying, but offered the answers they wanted.

I am still waiting for that first "how are you doing" call from the doctors, nurses or hospitals. I really don't want a phone call for a simple office visit. Where I want the call is when I have an outpatient procedure or after just one of those chemotherapy treatments over the past months.

At this point, I have had four out patient procedures and four chemotherapy treatments. There have been no phone calls to check up to see how I am doing. They could ask about how I am feeling. Is there any pain and other issues that I might be dealing with. If I am feeling bad and hurting, the least they could do is offer to prescribe some (more) drugs. 

There has been no phone call. Ever. The only time there has been a phone call was when I called. Of course I left a message for a call back -- which happened many hours later.

I am wondering. If the auto dealers can make a call to check up on a service call, is it too hard for the medical providers to care. Just a little.


  1. Whenever our Yorkie has his teeth cleaned or other medical procedure the office always calls the next day to ask how he's doing. I think it would be wonderful for the medical community to care as much...they sure take the time to remind you of appointments!

  2. I've had 3 surgeries since June and was never called either. I take that back...... The hospital business office called wanting more of my money. That was it.

  3. I remember a doctor calling me once after a procedure to see how I was doing, and I was really surprised. Only time it happened to me. I had forgotten that. Just make sure you call them if you need some answers or more meds, or anything. Remember when the doctor came to the house when you were sick? Those were the days.

  4. Lloyd, most of our docs are located in the People's Republic of Boulder (CO) and I would say about 60% of the time my wife and I have received follow up phone calls from someone in the office after a procedure or surgery. For sure the vet always calls after the pups are in for treatment. Do you suppose that Tucson and other larger AZ cities are just overwhelmed old phartz, thus no one takes the time to call?


  5. Stella sent this in an email:
    Great idea, Lloyd! I have had some medical personnel call and ask how I'm doing after a visit or procedure and it is very reassuring that they are indeed concerned about my health. Besides, it's just good PR.

    Maybe you could pass this information on to your medical providers (but they'll probably whine that they are understaffed or their staff is too busy).

  6. I must be going to the exception: I had a call following my recent colonoscopy

  7. I think it depends on the region. When I was at my father's after he had a procedure, he got a call. Or maybe it's cancer treatment vs other things. They know you'll feel like shit.


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