Saturday, February 21, 2015

Butterflies and Frogs

Vanita is in town for four days before heading back to San Diego. On her first full day in Tucson, we went to Sabino Canyon. There we took the tram ride followed by a short hike.

There is too much of Tucson to show Vanita in four days. For her short visit, I opted for the Tucson Botanical Gardens. The Gardens includes a butterfly exhibit building. With tropical butterflies, it is a very humid building.

Butterflies flit around and land on people and plants. One landed on my hat. Another landed on Vanita's hand. With the constant movement of the butterflies, it is difficult to get a good photo. This one sat still long enough for a photo.

This year there are also tropical frogs. On the ground and under plants, the frogs are harder to spot. Once a person finds a one of these small frogs (less than two inches), everyone tries to get a photo. Fortunately, they don't move like the butterflies.

Since I am still recovering from that last chemo treatment four weeks ago, today we took a short hike in nearby Saguaro National Park East.

On Vanita's future visits, I plan to share more of the Tucson that I enjoy.


  1. I thought Tucson was a neat town when I visited it about 10 years ago. I look forward to more scenes from that town.

  2. thanks for sharing as we should be rolling into Tucson on March 1st...

  3. It sounds like four days was the perfect length of time. Nice to share so many things with your daughter. I like the shot of the colorful frog. I was in a butterfly building once, and it was very interesting. I'd still love to live in Tucson. It won't be for a while, but I'm still hoping and thinking about it. Keep feeling better! :)


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