Friday, February 25, 2011

Wild Life Photo Shoot

Taking photos of wild life in the wild is not easy. Cooperation is poor. Watching and waiting for the perfect photo takes more patience than I can spare. 

Given a chance to take photos of captive wild life is something not to be passed up. This time it was at the Sonoran Desert Museum raptor presentation. Standing right under the flight path of the winged wild life, it was a great experience. As the birds are released, a docent describes the ravens, owls and raptors -- their lives, foods and habitat. As the docent speaks, the museum bird keepers are set food tidbits (quail breast) on various perches near the audience viewing area.

After that it was off to the herpetologist talking about rattlesnakes and the gila monster. The gila monster did not cooperate for my photo shoot, so the photo is from a hike at Usery Park where the gila monster was on the trail.

Commonality for those bitten by rattlesnakes: male, young, booze and tattoos. Not making this up. That is what the herpetologist said. Men are mostly frequently bitten on hands or arms. When women are bitten, it is on the leg below the knee.


  1. we learned the same thing about who gets bit the most when we went to the is a T to TR (tattoos to teeth ratio)according to the gentleman who gave our speech..jil


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