Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Change In Plans

@#$%*&  It's cold.... Here.... In Yuma.... 37 (F) this morning when I got up. Fortunately, the temps are predicted to rise over my shorts preferred weather of 50 degrees.

Today's plans were for hitching up and making a long drive to Tucson. "Were" was before I looked at the Tucson weather forecast.

Yikes. Staying right here until it warms up in Tucson. How about Friday instead. At least that is the plan providing Tom allows me the privilege of staying. Perhaps another dinner or lunch treat will allow me a few extra days before hitting the road.

Okay. So it is a lot colder -- a lot colder -- across the Midwest down to Texas. I'm properly chastised for mentioning the comparable heat wave.


  1. In agreement with your self-chastisement. We, in Rockport TX, were colder this morning than Willow Alaska.

  2. I would kill for your cold temps... 12 below here in Lovely Ouray right now.


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