Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gem and Mineral Show

Tucson hosts this two week long show every year. With 42 venues around the city, there are numerous choices for gems, minerals, fossils, beads, etc. The selections, the colors, the varieties and sizes are endless.

I toured the tents at the Kino Electric park complex. Rock is versatile. How about a bench of petrified wood. Might take a while to warm up that rock.

Decorating your home with colorful rock to match any artist's brush.

With too many choices of the beauty of rock art, I purchased nothing and returned home.


  1. No matter were you go, or what you want to do, or buy, it seems there are always too many choices.

  2. Your recent headers photos of your boondocking sites says it all for me: beautiful!

  3. It would be wonderful to know the history of the rock in the last picture. I remember seeing rock like this in Peach Springs but the one in the picture is exceptionally beautiful. One can only imagine the billions of years of history here....each color difference represents a different geologic condition and I wonder about the many cracks. If only rocks could talk.......

  4. gumo,
    One of these days those blog mast heads will be in a Picasa album. Some day....

    Agreed. That was only one of several cross sections of petrified wood and agates. No slap together art for Nature. Takes time to produce that kind of art.


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