Monday, February 14, 2011

Gluten Free Wine

Not really, but that was what a customer wanted.

Shopping at Trader Joe's this morning in Tucson, I overheard a thirty-ish guy asking a clerk where he might find a Merlot (he pronounced it rhyming with "knot"). The clerk corrected him by pronouncing it correctly. As he followed the clerk, he said that he wanted "gluten free." The clerk shouted out to another clerk asking if the Merlots were gluten free. The answer shouted back was "Yes".

Have to wonder where the guy was hiding all these years. Is this the first time he purchased wines. Or did he find an internet website that suggested a Merlot as a fine way to impress his date for Valentine's Day. But, "gluten free"?

The best part was when the clerk asked how much he wanted to spend. About five dollars.

Continuing my shopping, I headed off to buy a low carb and no trans fat Marlowe....

After hearing that exchange, and continuing my shopping, I ran into Tucson friends Flora and Phil -- far from their home on the west side. Equally amazed, they also heard that exchange between customer and clerk. Can't make up these stories. They actually happen. Flora and Phil can confirm it.


  1. You can't go wrong choosing a gluten free wine...they all are! Now a vegan wine is another thing. And here I thought those types of conversations only happen in CA.

  2. You've probably seen the movie, but your comment reminded me of Sideways... "I'm not drinking any f*%#ing Merlot!"


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