Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

For me, eating meat is ethical when one does three things. First, you accept the biological reality that death begets life on this planet and that all life (including us!) is really just solar energy temporarily stored in an impermanent form. Second, you combine this realization with that cherished human trait of compassion and choose ethically raised food, vegetable, grain and/or meat. And third, you give thanks.
Quoted from Jay Bost's essay Give Thanks for Meat 

In our lives, there is much to be thankful for. Thanks go to family and friends for being there. Also, don't forget to extend your thanks to those nameless people who work hard cultivating produce and crops, milking cows and (yes) butchering turkeys for that bountiful dinner.

Wishing you good times with family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Stay away from the stuffing Lloyd...
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    mark and bobbie

  2. "Ethically raised food", you sure worded it right! I try, but it's a long way to stores that market that and for some reason there are no local farms that don't use the butchering facilities and sell direct that I know of. Had to make due with mass produced this year.


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