Thursday, April 19, 2012

Photos From Hikes

There is a long list of accumulated ideas for blog posts. However, some days I feel no great desire to spend the time creating and editing those subjects into a coherent blog post. Today is one of those days.

Today is just a photo log of several hikes shared with a serious hiker Jim. Jim is boon docking atop the hill above Thousand Trails. It was time for us to catch up on lives and travels while we hiked some pretty breath taking Red Country. Some scenic. Some flora. Some fauna.

Jim at the pool on Bell Trail.

Jim at an overlook.

Could this really be a dinosaur foot print.

No rattles on this five foot guy, but he still startled me when spotted.

Searching my wild flower books in vain, I was unable to find anything that looked like this. Note the round leaf encompassing the flower stem. Most unusual.

Butterfly convention.

A pool in Sycamore Canyon.

Jim leading the way in Sycamore Canyon.

Yours truly taking refuge in this walk-through Arizona Sycamore.

Please. No comments about gnarled old things.


  1. Beautiful hiking spots. It's not a bad thing to be with another enthusiast just in case something goes wrong.

  2. I too, like the idea of your not hiking a lone. Just makes good sense and it has to be more enjoyable. Mary Ann

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  4. That flower really did have an unusual morphology.

  5. Some very interesting and colorful photos of a wonderful area. We love it there, but don't get there enough. Probably won't get far from the Pacific Northwest this year.


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