Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lost Hawaiian

The promise of blue skies appeared late yesterday when the sun found a gap to peak through the gray clouds. Great. I would be able to wears shorts -- again.

For a guy who wears shorts and Hawaiian shirts every day, the day reminded me that I might be a "Lost Hawaiian."

Yesterday was spent at home. With frequent rain showers, strong winds and temperatures in the 40s, it was not shorts weather. Wore long pants all day yesterday -- inside. That is a rarity. Looking much better this morning. Temps are in the 50s.

Image is one thing, but warmth is another. Perhaps carrying more fat might help me to stay warmer. And that would mean…. Don't want to go there.

No long pants today. Time to head out and explore.


  1. Since going Primal and losing weight I have noticed the same issue with being colder than normal in a situation where previously I might not have been cold. Like you, I have wondered why this should be so, and concluded that if I had more body fat I might be warmer, lol. I am NEVER going there again, lol, so I just add an extra blanket or a sweater. Hawaiian shirts and shorts sound just right to me. The older I get the more I love the heat, I cannot wait for shorts weather to get to my neck of the woods, if it ever does.

  2. We get to wear shorts and tee shirts nearly year round here in the south. However, I do love winter.


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