Friday, January 27, 2012

Breakfast At The Stockyards

When in Tucson, I have the pleasure of joining Flora and Phil in eating at "off the chain" restaurants. Always interesting and novel. Sometimes they are way off the chain. Local cafes in strip shopping centers in parts of town that have seen better days.

Yesterday's visit was a different experience entirely. Previous dining was in Tucson. Today I met Flora and Phil at the Marana Stockyards at the Cattleman's Cafe. Stepping out of Silver Slug, the cattle odor was in the air. No fancy horse and saddle for the rider I noted. This was no pampered horse. No blanket. He had a heavy winter coat of hair.

After Flora and Phil parked their mini Cooper, we walked into the building. I hoped that the barnyard odor wasn't going to accompany the dining experience. It didn't. With a good job of air control we had breakfast with the breakfast aromas. We arrived early so we could eat before going to the livestock sale. As we chatted and ate our breakfast, the ranchers arrived wearing cowboy boots and jeans. Most also wore cowboy hats. A few wore baseball caps. And they had breakfast with their hats on. Ages were from the 20 and 30s to some who were our ages. It was all men with a just a couple of women. Lots of cell phones and smart phones were in evidence. Hey these guys aren't hicks. They're businessmen. In the cow ranching business.

Soon it was time to head to the arena to witness the livestock auction. With lots of help managing powered gates, it was a fast pace as the cattle came in and frustrated themselves in the ring for about a minute as the auctioneer encouraged the bidding. Sometimes the bidding continued as the next cow(s) entered the arena.

During our stay short stay it was all cows that were sold. A few of the cows relieved themselves in the pen. Fortunately, it stayed there. As one cow headed through the out gate her rear feet threw some arena crud in my direction. There it landed at my feet. Reminded me of days back on the farm.

Flora and Phil sure do now how to entertain the out of town folk. It was a fun experience and one that will be remembered. Including the crud that was tossed at my feet.

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