Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Close Call

Whew. That was close. Got out of Colorado just in time. Snowing in Denver this morning. Six inches in some Front Range cities north of Denver.

No snow here in Palm Springs. Nor is snow visible on nearby Mt. San Jacinto. Like it that way. Another day of shorts and Hawaiian shirts weather. However, the temps did cool down to the seventies for a few days.

Okay. So my last stay in Colorado was in early September. I managed to leave early to avoid getting caught in the first snow of the season. That happened in 2009. There is no desire to repeat that cold and miserable experience.


  1. Yes that was prudent of you to leave with a 30 day safety margin. But you forgot to mention that it was 70-ish here until yesterday!

  2. There is a price one pays to stay in their "cocoon." I hope it's worth missing out on the mildest, prolonged and colorful Colorado Autumns ever. After all, the desert 70's will still be around in Arizona and So Cal in November.
    That said, we are getting ready to leave November first :))

  3. Yes, that was lucky. I've had rain, wind, lightning, but no snow. Yet. I hope to keep it that way.


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