Friday, April 29, 2011

War Mongering Hawk

That was my reaction to the disappearance of the rock art of peace symbols along the desert trails behind the Saguaro SKP park.

Someone in the SKP park must have had investments in the Munitions and Armaments Mutual Fund(s). The last thing they would want is peace.

When I first arrived in early March, those peace symbols were there along with the arches and numerous other personal rock art designs and symbols. Couple of weeks later I noted that the peace symbols were gone. Didn't look like anything was in place of them. Just gone. Other frequent hikers also noted that the peace symbols were gone.

Shortly before I left the park on one of my morning hikes I decided to create a peace symbol along a trail.

Since I was on an everyday plan to hike those trails, I was out there the next morning and found that rocks from my symbol were allocated to create this symbol on the other side of the trail.

There were plenty of rocks around to create a separate symbol. Why destroy to create.

And just what is this symbol. Looks like the male and female symbols combined into one. A symbol for androgyny? Transvestite hiker?

Creating a peace symbol of rock certainly offended someone. Conquerors have been building atop destroyed cities for millennia. It appears this destroyer is doing the same. Take the rocks from the previous construction and build the conqueror's world.


  1. My goodness, you've become such a controversial-ist that you can't even go out for a neighborhood hike without getting yourself into trouble.

  2. Surprised me. Didn't think peace was controversial. How wrong I was!

  3. Ha! I would of built a peace symbol in the middle of their circle because I'm a contrarian and stubborn.

  4. Judy.. Seems I was in a rage at the time. Wasn't thinking well. Building peace in the circle would have been a great response!

  5. No response as to what that second symbol means. Have you figured it out?

    Changing your peace symbol is such a weird thing to do. Someone with a screwed up mind I would guess.

  6. A lot of Escapees are ex/retired military and that crowd tends to be a wee bit Militaristic and narrow-minded...


  7. Lloyd... looks like an effort at the Marine Corps Logo to me...

    Put some things in context before you go ripping on "ex/retired" military... People.

    I will submit that most of "You" couldn't carry the burden those people carry... for an hour... let alone the FOREVER that those Veterans must...

    I for one will forgive their "unyielding" ways... while I live in the environment and Freedom to complain... that their suffering has provided.

    The simple truth is... Those people were betrayed by the Citizens of the United States of America in and after Vietnam. Betrayed by people brandishing "Peace" signs.

    The wounded and shattered of the current wars that You and your politicians sent them in to continue to be betrayed with the grossly underfunded and substandard medical care they receive via the VA....

    ... so... their distrust and "Hardcore" manner is not paranoia... simply what they must do to endure...

    ... another Ex and "Narrow Minded" Vet...
    ... I leave my name "anonymous" because I'd rather not set myself up for even more abuse...

  8. Anonymous.... Comments posted by others do not reflect my opinions or thoughts. You also are allowed your freedom of expression. However, my thoughts were contained in my blog entry -- nothing more.

    Perhaps you are assuming too much about my use of the peace symbol; that is understandable considering that the peace symbol became such a hot button during the Vietnam era.

    A footnote: One of those who noted the missing peace symbols is a Vietnam vet who was exposed to agent orange. He has the frequent visits to the veterans hospital to keep tabs on his new and changing conditions.


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