Sunday, April 3, 2011


Gail and Mike have been building arches within the Saguaro SKP park and in the nearby scrub desert for several years. This is one of those along the hiking trail starting at the water tower.

A few days ago some park residents returned to their lot at the park to find an arch on their lot. This one was not built of rock, but of dehydrated meadow muffins. To prevent the frequent winds from toppling the "meadow muffin" arch, scat glue was found to keep the arch upright. Just so no one would misunderstood the arch material, some toy cows were added to the scene.


  1. Thanks, Lloyd. That is hilarious. Such imagination. The cows complete the picture. I always appreciate your humor. "meadow muffins". I have the real rock arch on my lot but wouldn't mind the other. LOL.Mary Ann

  2. Someone has way too much time on their hands! The rock arch is one thing but the meadow muffin one is kind of nasty.


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