Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vancouver Visit

Blue skies yesterday. Great day for exploring. Headed off to Vancouver, BC. Drove Silver Slug to King George Station and took light rail to downtown Vancouver at the Waterfront. To see a city without the ordeal of driving and getting around, I took a "Hop On/Hop Off" city tour. A big city with high rises makes for some pretty dense housing.

Downtown is high rise office hotels and condos.

Amid all the high rises downtown is a 1930s masterpiece -- the Marine Building. Inside and outside is the decorative art that adorned buildings of decades ago. Today's structures are straight lines and no exterior decoration -- and not much more inside. An attempt to get an exterior photo.

Some of that decorative exterior detail.

After several hours of hopping on and hopping off the bus walking through China Town and Stanley Park, I worked up an appetite. Had a great (late) lunch at an Indian restaurant in Gastown.

Then it was time to head home back on the other side of the border. The line to return to the US was about 45 minutes long.

Good time to catch up on reading -- on the iPad.

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