Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Looking Turkey

A visit to the Hovander Homestead Park (a county park near Ferndale, WA) was the destination for some exploring. This one time farm caused some recollections from my farm days as a wee tyke.

Since I was only familiar with the wild turkey and the white turkey that arrived in the grocery store at Thanksgiving, I found this turkey to be worth a photo. An internet search (Wikipedia or turkey breeds  and some photos at OSU) found there are just a few domesticated breeds of turkeys. This one is not one that will find its way to your dinner table at Thanksgiving. It is known as one of the heritage breeds. In this case it is the Royal Palm.

The park included vegetable gardens and orchards. And then there was this cultivated weed patch for identification of weeds. Huh. Who cares. A weed is a weed no matter what its name.


  1. Well, that just has to be the most beautiful turkey I have ever seen!

  2. So true. Black and white is striking attire. In this case attire makes the attractiveness. A naked turkey would look like any other. :-)

  3. Gorgeous! I love finding out about heritage breeds and plants. And I'm always glad to find that some people are still raising them. We may be grateful for that genetic diversity some day. Plus the different varieties of many things have different tastes. One may appeal more than another. Thanks for sharing!



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