Monday, June 14, 2010

Five Years Ago

In a fit of boredom, I was rereading some of Wandrin Lloyd's past travel entries.

I came across an entry that I had posted in June of 2005. Sergio (Fernandez Tolosa) is a free lance journalist from Spain whose focus/obsession is riding a bicycle -- most frequently in a desert terrain. When I met Sergio at Owl Pass (apologies for the above poor quality photo) near Ridgeway, Colorado, he was traveling from San Diego to Glenwood Springs, CO to catch a train. I met him after his travels through the Mojave and Death Valley deserts of California.

Wondering if he was still bicycling, I headed to Sergio's web site and the blog. (Obviously in Spanish. Use Google translation to read about his travels.) He still explores the deserts. Reading the translations, he had crossed the Sahara in 2007 -- solo. A more recent entry on his blog posts that he was a participant on a tandem bicycle in Morocco's Titan Desert (sponsored by Nissan) bike race.

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  1. !QUE FANTASTICO! senor. I had no idea that Google translation just needs the URL, and then translates the whole site. Does pretty well.

    How can you look at that photo and say that RV travel is an "adventure?" That guy is a real traveler.


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