Friday, May 14, 2010

New Home for Wandrin Blogging

Enjoying Life is a Matter of Balance...

Time to live the mantra and make the change. Serendipity blogging software worked at the previous blog, but there were problems and more effort than I would like to expend to accomplish the task.

With age goes maturity and Blogger software has matured along with the times.

Just a few of the entries from the previous blog were moved. That was for personal training with Blogger software and capabilities. It also took a few days to get close to duplicating what was previously done at the previous blog location. A link to past Wandrin entries is in the sidebar.

Welcome to Wandrin's new blog location. Bookmark the page or subscribe via the RSS icon in the sidebar.


  1. Lloyd, I am now using iPad with an App called "BlogPress" to Post our Blog. It is dead simple and painless.

  2. Welcome to Blogger. It's not real fancy but it's pretty low maintenance. I also like to use Live Writer with it.

  3. Lew and Jan,
    Will have to check out that app for iPad. That will be great for emergencies -- if all I am going to post is a few words.
    I'm a Mac guy. Guess I will have to do it the hard way. Something called Ecto is supposed to do something similar. Something else to check out.

  4. Looks great! Consider yourself bookmarked.

  5. Welcome to blogspot land. Been on it for a couple of years, intuitive and easy to use. Gets the job done. You are re-bookmarked. Safe travels
    Jim Bob

  6. Lloyd, thanks for sharing your Grand Canyon blog. Of all the great places in the US, to me the canyon tops the list of must-sees. Number two is Niagara Falls, but that's another blog. Great photos! Hope to see you in Oregon this summer.


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