Monday, May 31, 2010

Tanker Reflection

This is a photo op that I've hoped to get for many years. Here it is: an image of Silver Slug with Wandrin Wagon in tow appearing on the rear convex surface of a tanker truck. Most times the tankers move too fast. Fortunately, this up hill climb on I-17 heading toward Flagstaff gave me the chance to get closer than usual. In a convex mirror, objects are closer than they appear. Yup. Silver Slug and Wandrin Wagon are closer than they appear. Too close even though moving at 35 miles an hour. Besides taking a photo with one hand and driving with the other was really taxing my multi-programming abilities.

I'm hoping for the day when one of these tankers pulls off the main road and stops. Then I can pull up right behind the tanker for a really special photo. Still waiting for that to happen.

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