Friday, April 25, 2014

The Refrigerator

A downside of the settled existence in "sticks and bricks" is the huge refrigerator. For 13 years of full time RVing, I had an 8 cubic foot refrigerator. It was the perfect size. The refrigerator in my home is twice that size.

The downside of that huge refrigerator is that I over buy at the grocery store. It seems I don't wonder when I am going to eat all that food.

Now that I had a permanent home, I considered getting a 5 cubic foot chest freezer to put in the shed. Then I could get a quarter of grass feed beef. Obviously, that would make even more food available. I abandoned that chest freezer thought when I knew that I could get grass fed beef at the weekly Tucson farmers' markets.

One advantage of the new refrigerator is that it self defrosts. Every other week, I now have an extra hour of time on my hands. :-)

A simple solution to the problem of the excess refrigerator space is to put some empty boxes in there to take up space.

An even better solution would be aware while shopping. Go with a list. That would be a good start.


  1. It is wonderful that you are telling of the little differences in your new lifestyle. I am certain I have already forgotten many of the differences. Eventually my lifestyle will become much more fixed also. This way I will be better prepared. Thank you.

  2. Kathy always figures out what we will be eating for the next week then seeing what is in the fridge makes a shopping list. The only changes made are when we inadvertently have to grab a bite out. When shopping she very seldom will get anything not on the list. She hates to waste food because to her it is the same as throwing away our money.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. filler up with water can never have to much water!!!!

    1. Great idea. I may have to implement that.

  4. I know what you mean about the frog. Even my 7cf RV frig seems too big at times. A house one would now seem gigantic.


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