Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It was a walk at Standley Lake Regional Park. Didn't qualify as a hike. Hiking would require some exertion due to a changing elevation.

Considering the number of times I stopped looking for photo ops in those three miles, it might not qualify as a walk. Perhaps it was just resting interrupted by walking.

Yucca are beginning to bloom.

Good place for an infestation of aphids. With aphids, there are ladybugs. This pair of ladybugs is in the process of reproduction. At least the first step in the process.

After being stabbed by a yucca leaf, I was more careful where I stepped for future photos.

Probably a primrose that hadn't opened at the early hour I was walking.

More color for the green hillsides was provided by Indian paintbrush.

Other than the sound of some ducks on the lake, the other fauna was the prairie dog.

The hillsides were covered with the huge colony of prairie dogs.

Need some predators to help control the expansion. Where are the hawks, coyote and the fox.

It was a great restful walk. 


  1. Nice nature shots. You're right about the infestation of prairie dogs. I wonder why the predators don't move in.

  2. Resting interrupted by walking is an excellent way to spend some time!


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