Sunday, May 5, 2013

Travel Check List

After six months in Tucson and the last three at Far Horizons RV, it was time to begin travel north for the summer months ahead. Most of Tucson snowbirds had already left over a month ago. No rush for me since I wanted to see saguaro in bloom. Accomplished that goal.

There is a real check list for preparing Wandrin Wagon for the planned travel. However, I use my trusted memory check list of the things to be done for road travel. Started days before by cleaning the grill and outdoor table. Then stowing them and the camp chairs for travel. The morning of travel more stowing and securing items continued indoors.

The next item on the memory list was outside as I disconnected the electrical connection and the water hose. As I was removing the tire covers, I noted checking and cracks on the walls of the tires. Not a good thing.

Hitching up without a problem, I opted to replace the tires in Tucson before going heading out on the first leg of my journey. The tires were five years old. It was time. Picked up the iPhone and with the Yelp app assistance, I found the nearest Jim Farrier tire location. Later that morning, there were four new tires.

After six months of standing still, it was time to ease into the travel mode. Don't want to rush this. Bucking a wind, 50 miles later I arrived at the Saguaro SKP park and parked on my leased lot -- #130. Headed to the social hour that afternoon to catch up on the latest in other park resident's lives.

Tentative plans are to stay at Saguaro until the middle of May plus or minus a couple of days. After a leisurely journey, Denver and the Westminster Elks is the destination before the end of May.

The frequent cycle of snow and cold that Colorado has recently experienced should be over by the time I arrive on Colorado's Front Range. Sure hope so.

My memory's travel check list still works. That was a good thing.


  1. Safe travels young man. You are still the leader for lots of us.

  2. Happy Wandrin. I'll see you next year!


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