Monday, November 7, 2011

Hitchhiking With a Walker

The scene: several miles from the nearest building at a T intersection in the desert backroads between Palm Desert and Desert Hot Springs.

The hitchhiker is an advanced middle aged over weight lady. Leaning on a walker with her thumb out she has a temporary cloth brace on her leg. Perhaps the reason for the walker. There is a small tote bag and water bottle at her feet.

My reaction is shocked. Did she hitchhike to this point and now trying to get a lift into Palm Desert or Thousand Palms -- seven to eight miles distant.

She is thumbing for a ride in the direction I am coming from.

When I spotted her, I was in the process of relocating to another RV park heading in the other direction -- about 15 miles distant. Would I have stopped to offer a ride if going in her direction. Probably not. Seems heartless, but I don't give hitch hikers rides. Even those using walkers. And if I did stop, how would I get this lady and all her stuff into my truck. Most people have a hard time pulling themselves into Silver Slug. The step up is a challenge for even the able bodied.

Could she have been playing the sympathy factor with walker and leg brace. Could there be a gun in the tote bag and she is going to "car jack" my truck and trailer and leave me at the side of the road. Sounds like I've been watching too much TV. No TV in my life. How about calling it a creative imagination.

Alternatively, this might be part of a sociology class experiment at a nearby college. Were there college students with a camera hiding in the few distant creosote bushes.

Still stunned. It was a first. Seeing a hitchhiker with a walker.

As I wrote this post, I wondered about a non-emergency 911 call to report a hitchhiker with a walker needing a ride.


  1. How about giving us a story about how you cut the cord on your TV watching. I am about to to the same soon and was wondering if you had any withdrawals or you just never missed it. I watch less and less of it nowadays but still pay too much for the little I do watch and it always keeps going up. How long have you been without it? Thanks.

  2. The situation does seem a bit odd. You probably did the right thing by passing. As you said, it may have been impossible for her to get into your rig anyway.

    As for TV, I'm with you. I gave up watching 20 years ago and I've never missed it. There or so many better things to do with my time.

  3. Gumo and Pleinguy, Looks like it might be time for me to post a diatribe about TV.

  4. Sold my TV in 1991 and never missed it. When I bought my new to me Class C Motorhome it came with a TV. I never turned it on and gave it away after carrying it around for 6 months.
    TV? Don't need no stinkin' TV.


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