Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Observations

Every tree in the Christmas tree lots is a perfect triangle conical shape. No "Charlie Brown" tree to be seen. No holes or missing branches could be found. Kind of like commercial TV describing the flaw that can be addressed with their product. It seems only natural that no flaws are allowed for that Christmas tree. What ever happened to charity and taking care of the less fortunate -- tree.

Sirius radio... is listened to very selectively during December. Some of the streams play nothing but Christmas themed music 24 hours a day. Too much. Yuck. What ever happened to "balance". That was bad enough. When I was listening to a local classical music station, among the serious Christmas themed music, they played "The Barking Dogs -- Jingle Bells". Always hated that version. Couldn't get to the off switch fast enough.

Guilt gift shopping.... Really. It's not a Christmas gift. It's guilt. The shoppers were crowding the stores. I was in the Best Buy checking out the latest in gadgets, but found nothing I needed -- let alone wanted. However, it appeared that I was one of the few not buying -- or into guilt gift purchasing. The checkout lines were 20 deep with gifts to assuage that guilt. And the serious guilt gift shopping on Christmas Eve is still a couple of days away. The lines will be longer.

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