Monday, February 2, 2015

Thanks To... readers, commenters, emails, and phone calls for your continued wishes and caring.

I'm not feeling like I was twelve weeks ago before the treatments started. However, I felt good enough today to reward myself with a desert hike.

A half dozen ravens were swooping and playing above me as I walked part of the trail. Occasionally some would perch on the spines of a dead saguaro. As I grabbed my camera to catch three ravens on this skeleton saguaro, two took off. So I got what was left.

The living saguaro are sucking up a lot of water. The summer monsoons followed by the frequent rains since have been good to them. The frequent rains means a great spring for wild flowers.

These almost evenly spaced saguaro remind me of columns from the ruins of a Green temple.

All the desert flora is looking healthy and green. That includes one of my favorite plants in the desert -- the Christmas cholla.

Thank you for following along. Also, thank you for your wishes and concerns for my health.


  1. Beautiful photos - I'm glad you were feeling well enough to take a hike. I was wondering when the cactus blooms would start appearing. Nice photo of the Christmas cholla. :)

  2. I praise God you are feeling strong enough to go walking/hiking. Prayer for you, continues. Blessings, Lynn


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