Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Life Expectancy

As I was trying to make decisions about a Tucson area apartment or the purchase of a park model at Far Horizons RV park, I was curious what my life expectancy might be. After an internet search, I found an actuarial table at the Social Security site.

This actuarial table says that at the age of 73 I have an additional 12 years of living. With my very good health and taking no drugs, that is a very good possibility. However, there are no guarantees. There may be something lurking in this body waiting to kill me long before the 12 years have passed.

However, with an expected life to 85, the purchase of a park model would be okay. I could extrapolate/depreciate that purchase to zero over the next 12 years. Regardless of the time of my demise, disposing of the park model will be my children's problem.

Those actuarial tables are just statistics. This is me we are talking about. I'm different and will outlive the statistics. Maybe. With some longevity on my father's side, there may be a chance to make it past my mid 80s and into my early 90s.

When I get to those advanced ages, my only hope is that I am still walking and my brain is intact.


  1. I've heard that the older you are, the longer you'll live. Sounds obvious, or maybe kind of dumb, but if you think about it, many of the illnesses that took other people early have passed us by. For whatever reason, we get to be healthy at our current ages. I plan to live to at least 105, with the capacity to still get around and know pretty much what's going on. Maybe longer. My doctor said not to limit myself to 105. I'll bet you'll live much longer than 85.

    Then again, I believe the next life will be really, really better than this one, so if I don't live that long, maybe it will be a good thing. :)

    1. What I want and what I get might not be in agreement. However, as I said in the post, I want to be walking with an intact brain.


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