Saturday, January 15, 2011

Greening Up

Wandering up and down the hills of my favorite hiking trails, it seemed appropriate to share a "wandrin path". The recent rains and the warmth are causing grasses to create a green cast to the hillsides that were once all brown.

On my hike this morning I noted that the brittle bush has developed the green leaves of spring. Can its yellow blossoms be far behind.

Another bush (couldn't identify it) was attracting honey bees to dainty inch long flowers.

Found a contemplative moment relishing the views and enjoying the solitude.


  1. Nice land around there. It looks eyeball-friendly and Barmah hat-friendly, but the geology does not look dog paw friendly.

  2. The geology is broken granite -- of various sizes. The flora is mostly creosote, brittle bush, and an occasional variety of sage. Just as rare was the occasional cholla. Most of those were dead.


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