Sunday, January 6, 2013

Please No Sugar

Most every day, my lunch consists of a huge salad. Since most store bought salad dressings have sugar as an ingredient, my dressing is homemade with olive oil, a vinegar and spices. Sometimes it is Asian or Italian. Most times it is an original mixture that could never be repeated.

To add some variety to the salad dressings, I opted to make a ranch dressing. I already had the ingredients for the dressing except for the sour cream that the recipe called for.

After checking the process to make sour cream at home (my mother did that), I put sour cream on the grocery list. Whole lot easier.

When shopping, the ingredients are read when not familiar with the product and brand. (Would be a good thing to bring reading glasses.) Picked up the house brand of sour cream. The list of ingredients went on for a couple of lines. Cream was not the first ingredient. Milk was followed by several items which I identified as thickeners. There was the item that ended in "ose". Sugar in sour cream. Why?

Didn't even bother to check the "lite" sour cream. I know from past experience that fat is replaced with sugar for those "lite" products.

I like fat. Picked up another brand and checked the ingredients. This one was "Grade A Cultured Cream". One ingredient. Perfect.

The ranch dressing is getting better each time I make it. Or perhaps I am just getting used to my "throw together" ranch dressing -- without sugar.

For decades, several doctors and researchers have been declaring the hazards of too much sugar in diets. The sugar industry must protect their profits and the result is Big Sugar's Sweet Little Lies by Gary Taubes.


  1. Thanks for reminding me about home made dressings; we used to do that and have gotten out of the habit. I want to get back into it! Home made is better tasting anyway most times.

  2. Which sour cream only had one ingredient??? That sounds unusual in a product that is packaged. I'm a real sour cream lover and think I'll switch.

    ...never mind, I just checked my fridge - my favorite is Daisy brand, and it shows "Grade A Cultured Cream" as it's only ingredient. Nice to know.

    But I do eat a lot of sugar. I'm hooked on jelly beans. I have a box of Sees Candies in my fridge and have only eaten 2 pieces in over a week, though. I can't believe my self control. :)

  3. I remember when last year you cited the diet you started following. Looked over the book myself as well. Naturally our bodies need fat but I can't quite get over that the author so enthusiastically endorsed animal fat to the degree he did. Your great blood levels surely are proof that animal fat isn't the culprit in heart issues as we have been told now for years but I have to admit I can't quite get used to it. I agree with you on the sugar issue though. Nasty stuff.

  4. Don, Get an OXO Salad Dressing Shaker for making the dressing. Also easy clean up when empty.

    Me and..., Daisy is the brand.

    George, After years of brain washing about the common wisdom of fats, it is hard to get reprogrammed. Didn't expect that the no grains diet would have the impact it did on the LDL numbers. Considering all the years of "bad diet", I don't know what heart issues (blockages) exist in this body. Guess we will find out at the autopsy. :-))

  5. I've made it with plain Greek yogurt and unsweetened almond milk...but still put some of the mayo in it because that's what really makes the Ranch taste like Ranch I say ... and making fresh so much better than the high fructose bottled brands for sure.

  6. CJ, Wonder why I didn't think of that. There is always Greek yogurt or another brand of full fat yogurt in stock for the morning shakes. Coconut milk will thin it. The recipe did call for a small amount of mayo. Don't have mayo unless I make it. Like to make it out of olive oil.


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