Monday, September 5, 2011

Wandrin at Ridgway SP

Date line: Late morning on Labor Day

I arrived mid yesterday at Ridgway State Park near Ridgway Colorado (how come spelled without the "e") and 15 miles from Ouray. With few exceptions, every campground space is occupied.

This morning after the Labor Day weekend, the camping family and friends are packing to meet check out time at noon. Bicycles, grills, tents and dog cages are stowed and after one last check around the campsite, the campers are pulling out. Soon this park will be mine -- or mostly mine. The weekend campers are going back to school or work. None of that for me. The park is a great place to stay and enjoy what will be a very quiet park.

Ridgway at 7000 feet is higher than the last stop at Grand Junction by 2500 feet. Ridgway temperatures are in the high 70s versus the 90s in Grand Junction. No more noisy air conditioning. Great place to be parked.

Bobbie and Mark have a home in Ouray and my plans were to visit them a time or two while I was in the area. Once they heard I was coming, they decided to head to the Northwest for some traveling of their own. By the time of their planned return in October, I will be in Cottonwood Arizona.

Good part about Bobbie and Mark leaving is that Boonie is driveway sitting in their abscence. We will do some area exploring and walking before I move on in about two weeks.

Great views and quiet. Great Verizon signal. Nomadic life doesn't get much better.

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  1. Ridgway with no "e" because the town was named after Charles Ridgway, not the geographical or geological term :-)


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