Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Cent Solution

The discussions go on --- about cuts to the Federal budget. WIth a new deadline looming, there appears to be little concern for getting to an agreement. It appears there is more interest in getting air time for one point of view or another.

Over the past year, there have been several panels, think tanks and groups that have come forward with recommendations to getting the Federal budget under control. All have been ignored.

It appears those Federal aristocratic bodies for enacting laws have the NIH (not invented here) problem. Actually that is not the problem since one of their own -- Rep Paul Ryan from Wisconsin -- is ignored like any other suggestion. Why. It's all about votes and getting re-elected. Job security for the legislative aristocrats.

Several weeks ago I had suggested that government could operate like private business (in your dreams) and have across the board cuts of 10%. That may be a little draconian. Over the weeks since then I decided that a 1% cut would be a great accomplishment.

Appears that I wasn't the only one thinking about the issue. Less than a week ago, I came across the One Cent Solution. Their proposal -- like all the others -- would be worth discussing within the legislative bodies. Won't happen.

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